Corporate and Business Storage

Easier, More Secure and Up to 50% Cheaper than Self Storage

Whether you need business storage for excess equipment, inventory, files or furniture, Kent understands that you need to be confident that your belongings are secure, the rates are affordable, and the process is easy. With 70 years’ experience helping over a million Australians, we are renowned for delivering ‘gold medal’ performances when it comes to corporate storage—in 2000 when the Sydney Olympic Games Committee needed 350,000 pieces of furniture stored for the athletes’ village, Kent was their first choice.

It’s no wonder the Olympic Committee was so impressed. Our expertly trained professional removalists pick up from anywhere in Australia. They wrap, pack, and ever so carefully load your businesses’ expensive equipment and important files into our reinforced steel storage containers, before delivering them into our state-of-the-art 24/7 CCTV security and fire monitored warehouses, which are some of the most advanced undercover business storage facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. And then, when you decide your need your items, our professional removalists can redeliver individual items, or your entire container, to literally anywhere across the globe.

Why Choose Kent for Your Business and Corporate Storage

Business and corporate storage has never been so easy, so secure or offered at such affordable rates. Kent Storage really is too easy!

With Kent’s business storage that is easier, more secure, and up to 50% cheaper than self storage, your office will be more organised and clutter-free than ever before, impressing your clients, boosting your productivity, and reducing your stress.

Kent Corporate and Business Storage Is:

  • Easier: Why is corporate and business storage usually so difficult, time-consuming and stressful? With just a couple of mouse clicks or one phone call, Kent will pick up your belongings from anywhere—your office, current storage facility, or home—and then skillfully and carefully pack it for you. No lugging boxes. No renting moving trucks. You’ll never have to lift a fingerIf all that isn’t enough, when you need your belongings back (whether it’s your entire consignment or just a couple of individual items), we can redeliver straight to your office, or anywhere in the world. You never need see a storage facility again. Or, give us just one day’s notice and we’ll place your container in a secure area for you to easily access during business hours
  • More Secure: At Kent Storage, simplicity and affordability never requires the sacrifice of security. Kent knows how important your belongings are. That’s why we protect them with our unique Four-Level Secure Storage System
  • Cheaper: Paying only for the space you’re using, not an entire storage box/unit, makes Kent Storage up to 50% cheaper than self storage (with up to 100% less stress). And, we provide even more added value, with a huge number of items, thrown in completely FREE of charge.