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Do Companies Abandon Storage Units?

With reality TV shows dedicated to members of the public bidding on abandoned storage units in…

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Are Storage Units Safe?

Ensuring your belongings are safe while they are in storage is the most important aspect of…

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Are Storage Costs Tax-deductible?

The Australian Tax Office or ATO is a complex organisation with a plethora of checks, balances…

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Using Secure Storage to Make Spring Cleaning & Decluttering Easier

At Kent Storage & Removals we’re not too fond of the term spring cleaning; it implies…

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How to store your ski gear

5 Best Tips On How To Store Your Ski Gear

The skiing season is almost over, and it is time to hang those ski poles up…

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How to Avoid Ski Injuries

Skiing is one of those sporting activities which even a least sporty person can enjoy. It…

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