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Need to know how to store hanging clothes? Storing folded clothes is easy; they can be quickly placed in plastic tubs. However, hanging clothes need to remain on coat hangers to ensure they keep their shape and are not permanently creased or damaged. Kent Storage has a foolproof system on the best way to store hanging clothes:

Step 1: Declutter your wardrobe to determine what you need to store

Step 2: Ensure that all items you plan on storing are completely clean

Step 3: Invest in quality storage materials for your hanging items

Step 4: Devote extra attention to any delicate items

Step 5: Keep similar items stored together

Step 6: Make sure your hanging clothes are transported safely to and from the storage space

Step 7: Store them in the correct place within the storage unit

Step 1: Declutter Your Wardrobe To Determine What You Need To Store

The cost of your storage is directly tied to the volume of goods you need to store. You can make enormous cost savings by selling or donating any hanging items that you no longer wear. So, before you start packing, decluttering your wardrobe. When you’re sorting through your wardrobe, ask yourself hard questions about each item, such as:

  • Will I wear it again?
  • Does it fit?
  • Is it fashionable?
  • Is it in good condition?

If you answer no to any of these questions, you can probably dispose of the item of clothing. You can also apply the ‘One-Year Rule,’ which means you get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year.

Step 2: Ensure That All Items You Plan on Storing Are Completely Clean

Once your items are in storage, particularly long-term storage, any stains, odours or marks will only become further ingrained. So, once you’ve decided on what you’d like to store, go through each item and make sure that any dirty or smelly clothes are washed or dry cleaned. The cleaner and fresher the clothes are when they go into storage, the cleaner and fresher they’ll be when you take them out.

Step 3: Invest In Quality Storage Materials For Your Hanging Items

Quality storage materials are your best defence against the challenges of a storage space. Even sophisticated spaces can be subject to temperature fluctuations, damp, pests and dust and dirt. You can’t stuff your hanging items in protective plastic tubs, so you need to arm yourself with three materials:

  1. A Fashion-Pak
  2. Protective sleeves
  3. Plastic wrap.

The Fashion-Pak Cartons are effectively a portable wardrobe that allows you to keep your items hung while offering extra protection. Protective sleeves add a further layer of protection, while the plastic wrap can be used to cover up any places in the Fashion-Pak where air, dust, pest or moisture could get in.

Step 4: Devote Extra Attention to Any Delicate Items

If you have any delicate items, such as silk, or any clothes made of natural materials, like leather or wool, you need to put a little extra care into keeping these safe. Silk items should be placed in two protective sleeves, and you should treat woollen and leather items to protect against moisture and temperature fluctuations. You should always consult labels and manufacturer instructions before treating your clothing.

Step 5: Keep Similar Items Stored Together

Knowing how to store hanging clothes, is all about making unpacking your storage space as easy as possible. The best way to make the unpack easy is to place similar items of clothing in your Fashion-Paks. For example, you could have summer clothes in one Pak and winter in another, or work clothes in one and leisure in the other. The categories you opt for aren’t important; it’s all about looking at your wardrobe and looking for ways in which you can easily group clothes.

Step 6: Make Sure Your Hanging Clothes Are Transported Safely to And from The Storage Space

Once your clothes have been safely placed inside the Fashion-Paks, you need to get them to the storage space safely. The best way to do this is to enlist a vehicle that is big enough for the Paks to remain upright. You also need to make sure the Paks are secure, and out of the way of any heavy or abrasive objects that could slide or topple and cause damage.

Step 7: Store Them in The Correct Place Within the Storage Unit

As mentioned above, storage spaces do present a danger to your hanging clothes. The best thing you can do is conduct plenty of research and book a secure storage space. A secure space will include features such as climate control, protection from dust and pests and sophisticated security and alarm systems.

Once you have found this space, you need to ensure you pack it correctly. Your Fashion-Paks should be kept away from walls, and off the ground the prevent moisture damage. They also need to be kept away from any objects containing liquid, as well as heavy objects that could potentially fall. Never stack anything on top of your Fashion-Paks, over time the weight could cause depressions in the Pak and damage your clothing.

Follow this step-by-step procedure, and you’ll be pulling on crease-free, fresh smelling clothes when you pull them out of storage.