Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Kent believes that its industry leadership position brings with it a responsibility not only for the economic consequences of its activities, but also for the social and environmental consequences.

As such, Kent aims to continually innovate its business in ways that benefit and support the community, including:

  • Acting socially responsibly and ethically in dealings with customers and suppliers
  • Better managing energy and water consumption for the life of our services
  • Applying sustainable practices to paper and card use, waste and emissions
  • Minimising landfill by repairing, reusing or extending service warranties.

We also engage in partnerships with community organisations that deliver social and environmental initiatives. Our current collaborations include Supply Nation, SecondBite and Green Fleet.

Supply Nation

Kent is a proud member of Supply Nation. Supply Nation works to build a vibrant, prosperous Indigenous business sector by connecting its members to Indigenous suppliers, and incorporating Indigenous-owned businesses into the supply chain of Australian companies and government agencies.

Our Supply Nation membership enables us to diversify our procurement processes, and continue our work in the Indigenous community. Kent has previously engaged in similar close-the-gap initiatives, including creating a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in conjunction with Reconciliation Australia.

Green Fleet

Kent actively supports Greenfleet, planting one native tree for every Customer Satisfaction Survey that is returned to us. In 2017 alone, we planted over 10,000 trees in conjunction with Greenfleet, ensuring that we offset our carbon footprint considerably.

Greenfleet is the first non-profit forestry offset organisation to be accredited as an Approved Abatement Provider under the Australian Federal Government’s Greenhouse Friendly™.


Partnering with SecondBite—Australia’s largest fresh food emergency relief organisation—is Kent’s way to help reduce waste, eliminate hunger and give back to the community. Each year, SecondBite diverts over 34 million kilos of foods from landfill, which equates to more than 69 million meals.

Kent encourages all customers to pack any unused or unwanted unopened, non-perishable and in-date food in specially marked boxes. Kent collects these boxes during the moving process, and delivers them directly to the nearest SecondBite depot.

Kent’s Corporate Responsibility

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