Moving boxes and packing boxes are all-important when it comes to helping ensure your belongings remain safe, both in storage and while in transit. So, if you’re looking to buy moving boxes, then why not let Kent, the secure storage experts tend to your every need?

Kent’s entire storage process is easier, more efficient, and less stressful than self storage. With just a few mouse clicks or one easy phone call, you can buy packing boxes of superior quality, arrange for our expertly trained removalists to carefully wrap, pack and pick up your belongings from absolutely anywhere. And then, best of all, Kent will redeliver some or all your items, as and when you need them, straight to your doorstep, or literally anywhere else in the world.

Kent’s Guardian Packing System, which includes boxes for moving everything from fine china to priceless heirlooms, has been custom designed to guard your treasures against breakage, vermin, dust and the elements. With strong construction, for maximum care and protection, Kent’s Guardian Packing System includes the world’s most advanced moving boxes.

Kent’s carpenters can even custom-build protective crates for art work, valuable or irreplaceable, or unusual items, if our existing range of packing boxes for sale aren’t right for your treasures.

Kent’s Superior Quality Boxes for Moving and Storage

Our superior range of world-class moving boxes for sale includes:


Features a unique polystyrene cell system, for maximum protection of fragile belongings including fine china, delicate crystal and ornaments.


If you’re looking to buy packing boxes, this is our most versatile container. It features strong riveted construction, to provide exceptional protection for just about any household treasure.

LCD Plasma-Pak

Specifically designed to protect your LCD, plasma or widescreen TV while in transit or secure storage.

Flexi Art-Pak

Maximum protection for paintings and delicate mirrors. Dual action design adjusts to accommodate a whole range of shapes and sizes.


With a lightweight but solid construction, our Readers-Pak is just the right size for books, ensuring minimal weight and maximum use of space.

International Travel-Pak

Your clothing can be flat packed inside the carton, arriving neatly folded and ready to put away in your new home.


Features a unique solid structure designed specifically to protect audio and electronic equipment in storage and in transit.


Pack and store your entire wardrobe on hangers to ensure maximum protection for all your clothes. Your clothes will arrive clean and wrinkle-free, ready to hang on arrival at your new home. We have two sizes:

  • A tall carton for full-length clothes like dresses
  • A short carton for business shirts and jackets.

TV & Computer-Pak

Strong, sturdy packaging provides maximum protection for your computer and television equipment.


Moving your wine collection is a serious business. Protect all your precious bottles of white, red and bubbly.

Bits & Pieces-Pak

With oversized boxes for moving house, smaller items roll around and break. With our Bits & Pieces-Pak, you have quick and easy access to bed legs, television remotes and other small, loose items.


Crush resistant carton ensures maximum protection for delicate lampshades of all shapes and sizes.

Custom-built crates

Kent’s carpenters can design and custom-build protective crates to ensure that even your most oddly shaped, fragile or heavy treasures arrive in one piece.

Reinforced steel storage containers

Kent ensures double protection for all your boxes by loading them directly into reinforced steel shipping containers before they are taken into storage or transit.

Kent Home, Office and Furniture Storage is:

  • Easier: Why is traditional storage so difficult, time-consuming and stressful? With just a couple of mouse clicks or one phone call, Kent will pick up your furniture from anywhere—your home, current storage facility, or office—and then skillfully and carefully pack it for you. No lugging packing boxes. No renting moving trucks. You’ll never have to lift a fingerIf all that isn’t enough, when you need your belongings back (whether it’s your entire consignment or just a couple of individual items), we can redeliver to anywhere in the world. You never need see a storage facility or moving boxes again. Or, give us just one day’s notice and we’ll place your container in a secure area for you to easily access during business hours
  • More Secure: At Kent Storage, simplicity and affordability never requires the sacrifice of security. Kent knows how important your furniture is. That’s why we protect it with our unique Four-Level Secure Storage System
  • Cheaper: Paying only for the space you’re using, not an entire storage box/unit, makes Kent’s storage up to 50% cheaper than self storage (with up to 100% less stress). And, we provide even more added value, with a huge number of items, thrown in completely FREE of charge.

The worlds most advanced moving and storage boxes

Kents extensive range of moving and storage boxes