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Affordable Storage Solutions In West Melbourne

If you are looking to re-organise your home or office and need more storage space, then Kent have you covered.

Trusted Storage Solutions for over 70 Years

Australian Owned and Operated

Our experienced teams and quality assurance processes ensure you are in safe hands when storing your treasures with Kent.

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Advanced Security Technology

Kent provide state of the art security systems and 24/7 CCTV monitoring for your piece of mind.

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We offer you flexibility to pack and load our Storage units or have Kent complete this for you – the choice is yours!

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Kent Storage Good Reviews

“I'm very satisfied with the service received. Every person that I dealt with at every stage of the process was helpful and knowledgeable, plus the communication was first-class.”

Harith Taylor

Kent Storage Melbourne Customer

Your nearest Kent Storage is on your doorstep

Kent Storage in West Melbourne have industry leading exerts to assist you with all your moving and storage requirements.

We have an extensive range of packing materials to purchase as well as professional packing services available.

Your closest Storage facility is at your front door

If you’re looking for the best West Melbourne storage solution, from a 70-year industry-leading removals and storage expert having looked after over a million Australians, store with Kent Storage West Melbourne confident knowing it’s one of the easiest, cheapest and most secure storage solutions available anywhere.

Easier, More Secure and up to 50% Cheaper than Self Storage!

Our expert removalists will go anywhere to carefully inventory, condition report, wrap, pack, pick up and deliver your belongings into our safe, secure storage facility. At your request, we’ll happily, conveniently and carefully pick up and add to your storage, redeliver specific items, or redeliver everything anywhere locally, interstate or overseas – all safer, more securely and cheaper than other West Melbourne storage solutions. Too easy!

How it Works

1. We Pick Up Anywhere

Our expert removalists pick up when and wherever you need us.

2. We Pack Safely

We pack your belongings carefully to ensure they're stored safely.

3. We Store Securely

We protect your belongings in reinforced steel containers within our private secure storage facilities.

4. We Redeliver Anywhere

We redeliver specific items as you need them, or everything to wherever you want them.

Why Choose Kent for Your West Melbourne Storage?

With less stress and fewer headaches, greater safety and security, and rates up to 50% cheaper, greater safety and security, less stress and fewer headaches than self storage, why wouldn’t you choose Kent Storage West Melbourne?

With just a few mouse clicks or one easy phone call, arrange for your belongings to be wrapped, packed, picked up, securely stored, and redelivered in part, or in whole, to anywhere in the world by our highly trained removals and storage experts.

Kent Storage really is too easy! Our expert removalists will come anywhere to:

  • Provide FREE inventory, condition reports, and receipt and dispatch records to help you keep track of your belongings, and better manage the ins and outs of your storage

    Unlike self storage:

    • You don’t have to remember what’s in your secure storage box/unit, or the condition it’s in
    • We can conveniently and easily retrieve and redeliver individual items from your inventory list (or the entire contents of your container).
  • Professionally wrap your belongings, particularly soft-furnishings like couches, chairs and mattresses, in Kent-supplied heavy-duty removals-grade plastic for added care and protection against from moisture, dust, dirt and mildew while in storage

    Unlike self storage:

    • You don’t have to use flimsy, poor quality plastic wrap that simply cannot protect your belongings as well as the industrial-grade wrapping supplied by Kent
    • You don’t have to spend time wrapping your furniture yourself – Kent’s expert removalists do it all for you.
  • Skillfully pack, stack and load your belongings directly into our reinforced steel storage containers, eliminating double handling and significantly reducing the risk of damage during transit and in storage. Plus, you don’t have to lift a finger

    Unlike self storage:

    • You don’t have to lug around heavy boxes or furniture
    • You don’t have to guess the best way to pack, protect, and safely stack your belongings for storage.
  • Pick up your belongings from absolutely anywhere in Australia, whether you need pick-up from your home, office, or even your current storage unit

    Unlike self storage:

    • You don’t have to hire a moving truck or enlist the help of family and friends to move
    • You don’t have to struggle to fit everything in your storage box/unit.
  • Deliver your belongings into our state-of-the-art, safe storage facility for as little or as long as you like, giving you peace of mind that you have one of the most secure storage solutions available anywhere

    Our storage facilities are:

    • Purpose built, state-of-the-art structures
    • CCTV security monitored 24/7, with back-to-base alarm systems
    • Climatised environments, safe from dust, pests and the elements
    • Complete with fire monitoring and control systems.
  • At your request, we’ll happily, conveniently and carefully pick up and add to your storage, redeliver specific items, or redeliver everything anywhere locally, interstate or overseas, so you never need hire a moving truck or visit a storage unit again
    Or, just give us 24-48 hours’ notice and we’ll place your container in a secure area for you to easily access during business hours.

We do some, most or all of the work (depending on your specific needs), so that you don’t have to. Too easy!


More Secure than Self Storage

  • steel reinforced self storage containers are securely sealed
    Our steel reinforced storage containers are securely sealed unlike self storage units

    In sharp contrast to self storage, Kent takes on the duty of care for your belongings

    • We strictly limit the public from entering our storage facilities, unlike self storage where your treasures are stored in a shared facility easily accessible by others
    • We provide detailed inventory and condition reports, and receipt and dispatch records to help you keep track of your storage inventory, compared to self storage where the onus is on you to record the contents of your storage unit.
  • Our facilities provide greater safety and security than self storage, particularly as they are private facilities that strictly prohibit public entry
  • Our storage containers are sealed, unlike self storage units that are open at the top with just large-diametre wire mesh between your belongings and the open air, dust, vermin and theft
  • Our storage containers are purpose-built from reinforced steel and stored inside our state-of-the-art 24/7 CCTV security monitored facilities to safeguard the security of your belongings…compare this to other options like a plywood box, secured only by a flimsy hasp, left unprotected on your nature strip
  • Our professional, expertly trained packers skillfully and carefully pack your belongings for you. Unlike self storage, where you have to figure out, all on your own, the safest way possible to pack and arrange your belongings.


Kent’s Unique Four-Level Secure Storage System

Kent makes its unique
Four-Level Secure Storage System protection, for the safe and secure storage of your belongings, available to all its customers:We respect the significance of entrusting the protection of your treasured belongings to others, so while your belongings are in our care, their security is our number one priority.

  • Security Level One: Customised Wrapping
    The Kent Storage unique Guardian Wrapping System includes:

    • Professional, expertly trained packers
    • Heavy-duty plastic covers for added care and protection of your mattresses, couches and chairs
    • Boxes constructed to specifically protect certain items
    • Use of professional packing blankets to wrap your large fragile items
    • Custom crating for art works, fragile or valuable items
    • Comprehensive labelling and inventory processes.
  • Security Level Two: Purpose Built Containers
    Unlike our self storage competitors, we load your items directly into reinforced steel storage containers at pick-up. These containers are then loaded into our storage facilities using state-of-the-art forklifts and crane technology. Our process significantly reduces expensive double handling and risk of damage. Our containers are:

    • Purpose built to safeguard your treasures in transit and storage
    • Constructed from reinforced steel for superior protection
    • Accessible at both ends through customised doors for quick, easy access.
  • Security Level Three: Superior Storage Facilities
    We have the most advanced undercover storage facilities in the Southern Hemisphere, ensuring superior security. Kent Storage facilities are:

    • Private facilities that strictly prohibit public entry
    • Purpose built, state-of-the-art structures
    • CCTV Security and fire monitored 24/7, with a back-to-base alarm
    • A climatised environment
    • Free from dust, pests and the elements.
  • Security Level Four: Storage Insurance

    Despite 70 years’ experience and the utmost care by some of the best professional removalists and storage experts in the industry, the reality is your belongings are at much greater risk of loss or damage while in transit or storage. Accidents, by no fault of ours, can happen, which is why we offer our own transit and storage insurance, for the ultimate level of protection.

    Kent Ultimate Cover insurance provides full cover risk protection against loss or damage from an external cause, including accidental damage while in transit and/or in storage*

    • Full replacement cost (‘new for old’) for any items totally lost or destroyed, or reasonable cost of repairs if damaged. (Computers and computer accessories, clothing, motor vehicles, motor bikes, caravans, boats and trailers can only be insured for their Market Value.)
    • Pairs & Sets coverage for loss or damage of one or more articles in a pair or set (including lounge suites)
    • Atmospheric & Climatic Conditions coverage for loss or damage from normal atmospheric or climatic conditions (mould & mildew)
    • Electrical & Mechanical Derangement coverage for mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown or derangement of goods where there is no external evidence of an insured event, (excluding motor vehicles, motor bikes, caravans and boats).

    * Please review the Kent insurance brochure, including the Financial Services Guide and Parts 1 and 2 of the Product Disclosure Statement & Policy Wording.


If you’re looking for cheap storage solutions without sacrificing safety and security, then Kent is the perfect fit – we are more secure and up to 50% cheaper than self storage.

Plus, with Kent Storage you:Unlike other storage businesses with higher per metre property and overhead costs, where they have to charge you for your entire storage box/unit regardless of how much you store inside it, Kent’s stackable containerised storage solution is more efficient and less costly. And what’s better, you don’t pay for empty space – Kent only charges you for the volume of the items you need to store, giving you cheap storage rates every time. So add to your storage, or take items out, and we’ll adjust your rates accordingly. How good’s that?!

  • Receive great rates on our range of superior storage services:
    • Pick-up, loading and delivery of your items into our storage facilities.
    • Short and long-term home, office and furniture storage
    • Redelivery of your items in storage to anywhere in the world
    • Transit and storage insurance for added peace of mind
    • Moving boxes and other packing materials and supplies
    • Time-saving packing services, provided by professional, expertly trained packers
    • Valet services, from cleaning and unpacking, to organising and styling rooms
    • Custom built protective crates for your extremely fragile, valuable, irreplaceable or specialised storage needs.
    • Heavy-duty removals-grade plastic covers to help protect your belongings, (particularly soft-furnishing like couches, chairs and mattresses) from moisture, dust, dirt and mildew while in storage
  • Receive even more added value, with a huge number of items, thrown in completely FREE of charge:
    • FREE inventory, condition report, receipt and dispatch records to help you keep track of what’s in storage. (You can even contact us with an individual item inventory number and we can pull that item out of storage for you, and redeliver it anywhere in the world)
    • FREE use of professional packing blankets to wrap your large or fragile items
  • Save money on a whole range of additional costs associated with self storage that you might not have even factored into the total cost:
    • The cost of renting a moving van
    • The cost of hiring professional removalists
    • The cost of buying heavy-duty plastic covers
    • The cost of buying protective packing blankets
    • The cost of organising inventory and condition reports.

Kent Storage West Melbourne for your West Melbourne home, office and furniture storage is:

  • Easier: Kent’s entire storage process is easier, more efficient, and less stressful than traditional self storage. You’re just a few mouse clicks or a call away from having expertly trained removalists carefully, skillfully pack and collect your belongings from absolutely anywhere, whether you need them picked-up from your home, office, or even your current storage unit. Additionally, don’t waste your precious time running backwards and forwards to your storage box/unit; Kent will redeliver some or all your items, as and when you need them, straight to your doorstep, or literally anywhere else in the world. Or, with just 24-48 hours’ notice, we can arrange secure access to your container during business hours.
  • More Secure: Don’t be fooled by our low rates – affordability does not require a compromise on the safety or security of your belongings. We value your belongings as if they are our own. That’s why we protect them 24/7 with our unique Four-Level Secure Storage System
  • Cheaper: Unlike other storage businesses with higher per metre property and overhead costs, where they have to charge you for your entire storage box/unit regardless of how much you store inside it, Kent’s stackable containerised storage solution is more efficient and less costly. And what’s better, you don’t pay for empty space – we only charge you for the volume of the storage you need! So add to your storage, or take items out, and we’ll adjust your rates accordingly. How good’s that?!

We pack and pick-up, securely store, and conveniently redeliver your belongings, all for up to 50% cheaper than self storage. Kent is the clear choice for Storage in West Melbourne.